Wednesday, November 03, 2004


yeah i know, i shoulda gone in.

but man i was sooooo tired and headachey... was a late late night the night before. and an early morning - kills ya eventually. sometimes i can go for a week with just a few hours sleep a night, then one day - bang! i crash!

its hard to get motivated, walkin across the suburbs to catch a bus/train/bus when yr absolutely stuffed. especialy when you've got a family to feed and a gorgeous partner to impress. i love my family. more than anything. and so they get principle attention...

doing an hour of independant media radio each week [2 hours every second week with news from nowhere] is quite a daunting task some weeks. you need to be well prepared and have lots of content. and be prepared to factually spill opinionated rants down the mic. love it!

i had the gear, lotsa stories and comments to make. but fuck i was tired. feellin heaps better today though.

i'll be back on the radio next week...

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