Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Jesus myth...

As a reply to comments on Perth Indy...

The Jesus "myth" is perhaps the biggest and most enduring hoax played on humankind over the last 2000 years. The notion of a carpenter/poet from Nazareth rising from the dead, as the only Son of God, is hardly a idea based in scientific reality. Is it?

Furthermore, if you are to value one mythology over another, you only display the typical self-righteous arrogance embedded in most of the "Christians" I've met. They believe they are always far better than me. Yet their hypocrisy is, at times, outstanding.

You may dismiss "Aboriginal mythology" as less useful to your way of thinking, but for the oldest culture on the planet - it worked for them for a long long time...

And to suggest that a man born 2000 years ago had "higher powers" than ordinary folks is pushing the boundaries of reality a little - a lot!

Its cool to believe in stuff. Its cool to think you understand the meaning of the world clearer than Non-Christians, but to thrust an arrogant headset on those who are unwilling to accept such "realities" as a matter of FAITH. Which is really what it boils down to. That your Faith carries you further.

Some would even say that believing in the Jesus Myth means you are actually insane!

And imagine if JC were walkin, talkin, preaching and healing in 2005 - Well, he'd be locked up in a flash and pumped full of Prozac.

Lets at least settle on a "fact" or two: Jesus was a Palestinian Jew. He was crucified around AD30. For around three years he travelled as a preacher and a healer. He was particularly known for telling parables, and he declared the coming of the kingdom of God. He was disliked by the religious establishment of the day and executed by the Roman occupying forces as a danger to the status quo...

Thats the real stuff. The people that wrote the bits of the bible all those years ago have a lot to answer for.

Also, it should also be established that, in the process of determining the Biblical canon, a large number of works were excluded from the New Testament.

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