Thursday, November 04, 2004

FOUR MORE WARS - a million more dead?


so - there ya go. it happened... again. liberal politics fucked up.

four more years of fearless US Bushite neo-conservatism. it had to happen. theres a scary pattern emerging here - its frightening to compare our countries election results.

australia can be considered a reflection of the US a lot of the time and i'm begining to fully realise that both our countries have completely fucked it up. the more they yell about "terrorism" the less safe the world becomes, the more they scream about "democracy" the more our democratic er, "freedoms" are taken away. just need to look at the "ASIO anti-terror laws" to see what the Gov's got planned. the definitions of a "Terrorist" are broadening to include peace activists and bank tellers!

watching the Presidential election results unfold yesterday and into the night, was like watchin the Oz election results on ABC the other week, watching each state counted and declared - then seing the incumbent leader take the mantle of victory - albeit cautiously. bush reminded me so much of howard's wry smile. both howard and bush gained a bit more polotical power - all apparently okayed by the respective democratic populus. it'll be interesting to see if/when bush introduces the Draft/Conscription [Compulsary Military Service] in the US next year...

without going into too much detail, to examine these election results, is evidence of the fearful and credit money-driven monoculture we inhabit. we continuously tread those less fortunate, those with less access to the supposed supportive systems of capitalism, those with out the ability or desire to accumulate wealth, we tread them into the ground as if it were our democratic "right". we've seen here in australia that [around half] the people are fine with a untruthful and misleading leader. same goes for the US now. the "protest vote" is just not powerful enough. some activists are saying its high time for Direct Action - whatever that means. and hey, it always has been. as an objector to hierarchy and government its a duty is to apply energy outside of the parlimentary systems, when they have failed to deliver the aims, when government has completely dismissed the voices of the oppressed and persecuted - u gotta do what u gotta do - when yr entrusted leaders can't manage a humane approach to living.

the older i get, and the more elections i go through, the more i realise that we are becoming an apathetic culture to the extreme. i'm embracing concepts of anarchism more n more. i sort of always meant to be one, and have been discussing and applying the notions of anti-heirarchy since i was a kid. but i've came across anarchism and realise that the ideas Emma Goldman etc were the same ideas i've been having all my life. i didnt discover anarchism - it discovered me!

[regarding the nuances of anarchists, however, i was really affronted the other week when doing the NFN radio show. after reading out a very articulate post-election piece, Mar called Human Rights Lawyer, Julian Burnside, a whinging "liberal" - wow... that really seemed to kick me in the face. especially whilst we were on air. i was fully flummoxed. especially when you realise that Burnside is a brilliant legal head fighting ProBono for the rights of asylum seekers in the High Court etc. he is a true aussie legend. to hear Mar bash him like that was devastating. yet i fully agree with him! go figure...]

i can't stand bush, howard and co. when i think of the 100,000 dead iraqi people, killed within a year by the USA and the global war coalition - i wonder how many more dead there are gonna be... like a few million by the time that fucker is finished. someone needs to take him out for the good of humanity!

its good to see people in the streets though:

more later.

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