Saturday, February 19, 2005

jam: kikkn jammin out the kix n jammz

"waiting for broken trains"
is the name of a new band under development in my loungeroom, kitchen and backyard...

myself and 3 other perth artist/activists [will terror; dr g; and ray - the armed-poet] have been jammin away on n off for the last 6 months or so. mostly we're producing a "post rock" flavoured sonic pastiche.

its quite different to any other musical projects i've been involved with over the years - such as miteyko for example is a more poetic, mellow and kinda poppy endevour.

recently we've been getting together on a weekly basis and working these musical ideas into structural song-things. we're getting tighter and starting to really get a feel for each other's energies, ideas and abilities. we hope to get out amongst the perth independant music scene soon. and we're getting closer to it.

with such regularity, friday evenings are becoming something to really look forward to each week. when the lads arrive, we grab a carton of beer and cook up a bit of a feed and spend a few hours making and discussing our music and stuff.

we also use the time to discuss activism. currently we're yabbering about tactics for the upcoming baxter convergence. its an excellent opportunity to be with good people on a mutual level. to have a beer and talk about art and activism and radical politics and experimentation in art and life. lovin it!

but, we're looking fwd to a backyard "activist" party on 12th march to let loose our sound the perth public. backyard parties are a good place to introduce a band to the public - due to the inebriation level of most guests! ;)

THE BEST BIT: over the last couple of jams, subaware, my gorgeous lovergrrl of anarko-royalty has joined in on the fun. instead of sitting or hangin around tappin her feetses, she's started adding bits n pieces of my poetry into the mix, while i sing choruses and repetitious harmonic melodies, some verses and shouting lines in tune...

her sparkling, zesty and feisty contribution to a crusty all-boy machine is great. it opens up the energy to a feminista perspective. hearing her deliver my werds, in her way is unique, empowering and will certainly be entertaining for the audience. i really love it that she can incorporate her passion into an art project. we've never really been able to merge like this before. i think this is the beginning of an interesting and productive journey for both of us...

anyway, seems we have half a dozen songs nearly ready for consumption. just a matter of smoothing out the lyrics and tightening on the musicianship. we fuckin rock.

"i am i am i am i am am... in the red one"

and just realised the melbourne stencil fest is on 25feb...
melbourne street art is amazing. whilst we have a few pockets of interesting takes on the concrete canvases of perth, its nothing like the way creative dissident art bleeds into the streetscapes of melbs... lucky fuckers. wish i had the guts to take my stuff out into the streets more!


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