Monday, February 07, 2005

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And the Robots clapped in genetic retaliation

"Well it may be the case in Australia where we the people actually get to decide who runs the country but not in the land of the free, the great USA."

Not necessarily making a distinction here. My point is that in much the same way, here in australia, we have no control over the way the government operates. An examination and complete overhaul of our constitution could see some remedy.

The ONLY reason corporations can get away with the shit they do, is because the governments are compliant. This suggests that governments [including australian govs] have stuff to gain from being in power. Governments offer a hierachial structure of authority that is unnecessary and offensive to the human spirit. When we, as ignorant and apathetic, loyal citizens, here and in and the US, vote our leaders in we surely get what we deserve...

What am I saying? That democracy itself is a failure. And we need to pursue fresh models of organising ourselves, less central control and more self-managed societies, where exploitation of others is not in anybody's interest.

"Which country has the greatest influence on what we see on TV, the food we eat and yes even the education system? Hell even the politicians that we chose grovel to the US."

Indeed - look to the over-commodification of global news media since the 1980s, the big swallowing the small, all connected through the market economy, the inability to get good stories through the media lens because of vested interest from afar... We get what we deserve though when we swallow the mainstream whole.

In the same way we choose our pollies - so do the US. But, Democracy itself is a farce. The media would have us believe there are only TWO pale choices, when there are a plethora of choices outside the majors.

And as far as the media go: All TV News is filler between the real news - the real news? Advertising of superfluous crap [driven by the global economy, fueled to the very bone by the Uncle Sam's oil industry].

Its all about business. And we are told to mind our own.

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