Friday, June 24, 2005

Perth RADIO INDY 22jun05 RTRFM 92.1- Twot, Good Feet and the Softening

MP3 Audio Files of the Show here:

1. Intro and a chat with Bazra from TWOT magazine... [BS News Included!] 14 mins 5.1Mb.

2. PEACE WALKERS Return - Chat with kt 10mins 3.5Mb. PEACE WALKERS Return – "kt" talks about her experiences on last weeks Walk Against Wargames from Lancelin to Fremantle.

3. Aboriginal Sovereignty Tour 2006 - From the newswire... 6mins : 2.2Mb

4.Pete from RRAN - The Softening/Deceit of Refugee Policy in Australia - 13mins 4.5Mb.

5. More Chat about TWOT MAG, a poem from bazra - and we're, Outta Here... 7.5mins 2.6Mb

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More Info:

And for shitlodes of Radical media:

Thanks also to the BS News. Pinched from Melbourne Indymedia:

Tracks we played: G8RIOT!
Mr Manage - Riot - South London's most political Hip Hoppers Mister Manage and the Suicide Farm performed on stage in Aldgate East in the Squad Rave against the G8 summit in Scotland. Check out their anti G8 Summit track, free to download:

And some VERY mad Queen Remix Job. Amazing. No Idea where its from - sounds like Spanish Hip Hop Anarchism!

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