Friday, November 05, 2004

brother_X - the inside story

i spose i better put up some info about who i am...
[see also: BIO on my]

me: as at friday november 5 2004

i'm a 38 yr old white man living in perth, western australia.
despite my distate of institutional authority,
i am married to the most excellent person on this planet.
i have 2 crankin kids - boys 10 and 12 yo. they rock my world.

people call me an anarchist. i spose i am. i hate authority. and hierarchical stuctures.
i helped organise an anarchist conference earlier this year - and i hang with anarko crew.

i have no real consumer-culture time commitments, nor a credit card, nor a motor vehicle, nor a mortgage... i critique and resist much of what our cultural myths represent. television for example is not much more than a "product placed between products"; "advertising is killing the planet"... i do not desire to accumulate wealth, nor have materialistic intentions.

for work: i am a treeplanting contractor during the winter months, and since 1998 i've planted around 2 million trees [approx 2000 hectares] in the plantation forests of wa's south west and beyond.

i am a poet - in fact i am the antipoet:
as well as writing the stuff, i do perfomance poetry at various venues in perth, on radio, and have travelled interstate several times to arts/poetry festivals to spit my werd bits on the world. i also do poetry workshops, and make zines too.

here's my antipoet manifesto if you want to read a radical perspective on why poetry is fucked. since 1995 i've been organisng poetry related stuff too, and kinda got into underground community arts projects, such as the Openmouth poetry Readings and the woodwork Zine and developed my anarko radicalistix performance poetry style from there.

theoretically, i am heavily influenced by the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets... i love the performance poetry of aussie poets PieO, Jas Duke and ACR.

i am also impressed by current avante garde political/poetic hip-hop and of course, the Last Poets - who say: "When the moment hatches in time's womb there will be no art talk, The only poem you will hear will be the spearpoint pivoted in the punctured marrow of the villain....Therefore we are the last poets of the world..." yeah i like that.

whilst i am not an afro-american, i can fully relate to the sentiment of the Last Poets. and as a student of language culture i understand fully the rhetoric of the time and the necessity for a militant werd. they are the precursors to hip-hop, man!

music: i'm also a musician, guitarist and songwriter - my indie band is called: miteyKo. its a sedate affair with poetic pop lyrics cello guitar drums and swooshes of keys. kinda indie pop style. [theres mp3 stuff here when i find the bloody link! ] we've released 3 independant CDs and recently an animated music video. we don't play a great deal but we get played a bit on cimmunity radio. miteyKo were also in a feature film soundtrack - "Teesh and Trude". [ See: miteyKo review]

i've also been involved with experimental arts since the mid 90s, including an outfit here in perth called The Magick Trousers - which evolved into CarCrashFace. i used to make noise on my guitar and some old tape-decks. then i got acomputer.

i also do laptop key-jay sonic beats, ambience and anarko noise - under the BoZo moniker. i like to compose music and other sonic-art on my PC using Cool Edit and Audiomulch. i play sparodically around the place at benefit gigs and local digi-electro shows like Semikazi.

late last year i made a soundtrack for a short film by WA media-maker Richard Eames called Violent Blue Light Ghosts. its won a bunch of awards. i also have stuff played on local television each week as part of the theme for Stayers on Channel31.

since TINA02 i'm a stencil artist too. i do the occasional bit of street stuff. but i get fully wacked on the Empty Show concept. and generally putting art in places it aint sposed top be...

indymedia: but probly the main thing i've directed a lot of energy and focus over the last year or so, is as part of a group building an online activist-oriented media project: the Indymedia project is a global network of Open Publishing sites. there are around 160 sites operating independantly and in affinity in an effort to "Reclaim The Media Commons" across the planet. our philosophy is: "Don't Hate the Media - Become the Media". An article about Perth Indymedia here ?

radio: on Tuesday nights i co-present 2 talks-based radio programs on RTRFM 92.1 - News From Nowhere - dissident deconcstruction of the media and political satire; and the Perth Indymedia Radical Radio Show - news, interviews and discussion of activist events.

in a nutshell i am a full-time radical anarchist/activista is deeply interested in human and ecological rights.
and i won't stop. ever...

please contact me for a yarn:
or just comment here on this blog.

i wont bite
: )


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