Wednesday, November 17, 2004

poetry and sex - and insurance

i was gonna write about insurance.

i'm doing a performance poetry workshop next weekend, and if i wanna get paid [its good money btw] i need to have Public Liability [PL] insurance. and this is a stipulation of the Grant Auspicing body - that all artists facillitating the workshops must have PL. theres a group of us at various levels of income. and i am at the bottom of the feeding chain.

personally i do not wish to give ANY money to an insurance company. i am morally opposed to their existence. my workshop is NOT dnagerous. but apparently if somebody trips over and gets a gammy leg on the way to be in my worshop room - well, its MY fault! for fucks sake! are we REALLY that much of a litigious society?

i could understand if i was angle-gringing or chainsawing words as performance. or dancing or anything other than sitting on chairs in a room - mainly talking, and doing a few writing/speaking excercises.

thing is: its gonna cost me around $500 and i'm not getting paid much more than that...

anyway it shits me. and i dunno what to do!

but heres some sexxy poems...

if yr interested in more of this sort of thing,
please go here to see the directory of these images
- and more i'm working on...

oh and thanks to Gempires for the comment on the last sexy stencil! i love that one...

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