Tuesday, November 16, 2004


the image below is from an Empty Show

i first became aware of the idea of "empty shows" during my time as an organiser of the This Is Not Art Festivals in Newcastle... the basic idea is to use a derelict space ie: a warehouse, hotel, or any disused building - even an old house, and adorn the walls etc with ART. its appropriating the notion of space and property. theres an anarchist intention deep within the concept.

similar to Squatting - but its the art that squats the vacant space! its an edgey practice because you have to "break in" to the venue in order to make your art. as youre working away [usually in the dark] you are aware of every sound and squeaky door - hoping you're not gonna get busted. its a fucking beautiful concept. the exhibition itself becomes the spectacle as the recipients of the art are also encouraged to "break in". i love the transient notions of the Empty Show concept - and the "giving away" of your product to an empty space that will soon become demolished or refurbished... gorgeous and naughty!

this year we've seen a couple in Perth - including the old Norwood Hotel in East Perth - which was done during Anarcon04. currently theres a Warehouse [ALLWEST] cnr Newcastle n Money Sts, under deconstruction!

i'll try and find some photos of the 2 perth Emptys. and post here...

i just love the one below from a recent Empty in Fitzroy - Melbourne.

[these pics via Nik's blog]

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