Tuesday, March 01, 2005

fresh experiments

Tuesday: As usual I'm putting together tonight's Indymedia Radio Show : Tuesday - Midnight - 1am on RTRFM.

I havent got much to say except...

Workshop was great intimate and intense. With some excellent results from the small diverse group of poet participants. I love doing those things.

YIKES: My band MITEYKO are playing at RTR's IN THE PINES!
In the Pines 2005 Sunday April 10. Midday until 10pm. Somerville Auditorium, UWA, Crawley - we're on at 1230 sharp!

My new band "waiting for broken trains" has a party on the 12th March.

I've been throwing some new gear up on my antipoet blog...
Also on the Perth Indymedia Artswire... for a new batch of antipoet output

Very soon I'll start archiving/uploading a bunch of AUDIO stuff and i'm thinking of building a blog for the Radio Show.

Anyway just leave me alone...

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