Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Covering the G8 protests

July 4 2005: From the Global Wires - Indymedia and other alternative/independent media groups are providing grass roots non-corporate coverage of events around the G8 Summitincluding counter conferences, protests and actions.

In WA, tune into Perth Indymedia Radical Radio RTRFM 92.1 on Weds 6 July - 7-8pm for an audio roundup from the G8 via global indymedia resources.

Media: Indymedia Scotland Indymedia G8 Reports Section IMC G8 Features Archive G8 Radio Streams Indymedia Centre in Edinburgh + Reporting numbers

Why Are People Protesting? [1 2] Planned Protests + Events Groups and Websites Dissent! Network G8Alternatives Make Poverty History...

MORE on G8 Indystyle: [ G8 Summit Quicklinks IMC-UK G8 Topic Pages G8 Radio (streaming) IMC-UK (breaking news) Scotland IMC (daily summaries) ]

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