Sunday, November 07, 2004

corporate thuggery

just spent this evening researching ALCOA for an indymedia feature story. seems everytime i look into a corporation it leads back to the USA Government. when i was looking at the Cable Sands Ludlow Forest desecration, i found the CEOs all fed back into the Whitehouse in some form or another. indeed the Cable Sands executive mob can be traced back to the Bin Laden Group - eg: Cable Sands > RZM > BeMAx > Sojitz > Cristal > Saudi Ti02 Co > Bin Laden Group

Alcoa is a massive corporate global mob... with direct links to the Whitehouse. eg: From December 2000: "On his busiest day of transition announcements yet, Bush also picked the chairman of Alcoa, Paul O'Neill, to be his treasury secretary..." O'Neill has since left the cabinet and has criticised Bush but still - the links are there.

here in WA they operate BAUXITE mines and refineries and other stuff. besides some hideous reports of toxic output from its stacks over the last coupla decades, recently there have been continual reports of spillage from the Kwinanna Refinery - like 8 spills in the last 5 months!
see indy feature here...

ha! and as i'm writing this, during a quick last minute google for more info: there's a sunday times story on the subject of Alcoa spillage.


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