Thursday, November 11, 2004

what he said:

Mar Bucknell is the staunchest anarchist i know. we do a radio show together on RTR each week [News From Nowhere - its perths only Anarchist/Dissident radio. he's been doing it for over 10 years]... this statement was in relation to the vainglorious psycho-blabbering of the post below... i respect his words. many a time he's said something which infuriates me - then a while later i'll go ahhh - of course. his dedication to anarchist philosophy is admirable. his POVs remind me a lot of ChuckOs.

and the older i get and the more i adapt my alignment to the notions of anarchism i accept his philosphy. i have always been one... the philosophy is an aside. authority is fundamentally opposed to human evolution.

but mar is old-skool.. Take it away Buckles...

Mar says:

"...I really feel like saying: How about an ABC of anarchist thought here?
Organised religion is anti-freedom. War is anti-freedom. Nationalism is anti-freedom. People in Iraq who resist the occupation are heroic in their resistance, and I support their resistance. That doesn't mean I have to support their platforms. And to put it a bit more bluntly, let's remember that the Iraqi resistance consists of a large number of different groups, some of which I regard as my enemies. And some of them are fighting each other.

For freedom.
For anarchy.
For community.

Against religion.
Aginst the State.
Against authority.
Against patriarchy.
Against the militarism.

Do the sums,


i also posted this here to get some response for the perth indymedia mob to react...

i wish mar had a blog! maybe i can talk him into it...

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