Monday, November 08, 2004

perth indy attacked - and i thought the nazis were bad

don't u just love the idea of open publishing!

just spent the day responding to a spate of attacks on the perth indymedia site. for a while there we were getting a barrage of blatantly ridiculous shit posts [troll] this morning, one after the other - bang bang bang. complete rubbish. things like: "DIE PERTH INDYMEDIA" and stuff about "ass-raping" us for being gay media fuckers... us. yeah!

we deleted these nusiance posts as they came in - within seconds - and we eventually blocked the ip of the poster - heres one hidden example. but theres more here - all archived on the "ocean girl" list. what a great tool shayne has made there - "og" is an application or code or tool of some sort that monitirs the incoming posts on the perth indymedia newswire. it records the posts in an email list and deposits the link into the perth irc. ocean girl is a great tool and more imcs should use it for maintaining the integrity of Open Publishing...

fuck i love the perth imc geex. they rock fully!

thanks ocean girl!

we were deleting them as they came in - musta been a dozen fuckhead comments and stories. i'm glad we have a small but strong crew of dedicated indymedia activistas online [around 20 hours a day - between us mob].

anyone attempting to maintain the newswire integrity of an indymedia site must realise their absolute responsibility to the media commons [i will write more about this notion of the media commons atsome point] they have helped create. nazi trolls and those with somthing to prove simply kill the notion of what we're trying to achieve. theres a whole other essay tangent on the nature of Open Publishing and "edtitorial police" [more later?] chuck-o has a good yarn on the subject somewhere - and we've done it to death in the perth imc discussion list archives.

so yeah, open publishing needs a degree of moderator responsibility. but more on the situation today - it all goes back to a bitter and verbose dispute between fighting members of the Brisbane Indymedia collective. seems the original members had a massive fallout and the group became completely dissillusioned and factionalised. this forced several of the founding members [some 8 people] from the group. a couple remained and let the open publishing newswire go to absolute shite.

so anyway, the fighting became so bitter the legendary c@t crew geeks wanted the bully faction off their servers. since then some members of the oceania.indymedia crew jumped in to help with editorial stuff. well, that really irked the new skool bimc heavies and they spat a myriad emails at the oceania crew, who had nothing but the best intentions of indymedia affinity. the new guys refused to see this and tookm it as a hostile "takeover"!

since this happened some people in the oceania crew wanted to disaffiliate bris from the regional collective... and some of us blocked the proposal as it all seemed a bit harsh and authoritarian.

god this is gonna take a while to write about...

and there is an oceania regional meeting now - end...



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