Saturday, November 06, 2004

scenes from an animation i'm constructing

i've just started uploading some images from an animation i'm working on. [ See the Directory here ]

these images are random files from the experiment. its gonna be a long slog. i havent even thought about how many i'm gonna need for say a five minute piece. i spose 24 frames per second x 60 x 5 = around 7000 individual pix. woah.

as with most things i do, theres an emphasis on the "incidental guerilla" aspect of art process, of RE-presenting culture in a random manner, yet applying anti-authoritarian structures at times, in an attempt to REappropriate the images of everyday suburban/net culture.

for me, its real art, where the intention is not commodification. indeed a rejection of commodification in art - ie the ideology behind everything in a capitalist existence - is revolutionary, radical and inspires dissent...

with this little film, basically the idea is derived from the notion of Visual Poetry vs Nu Collage. its an experiment okay!

i intend to use these as integrated background for projecting as a visual backdrop during my anarko-poetry, music and sonic performances... and as a web-based file to share.

btw, i just love the wikipedia project... eg: What is Poetry?


these images below from "the writer is dead" oct28.04

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