Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ALERT and ALARMED - ASIO and "Anti-Terrorism" Laws

Be alert and alarmed about ASIO laws ... 01/03/2005

ASIO be alertBe Informed: ASIO and anti-terrorism laws - is the title of an information kit just published by the Community Law Centre, University of Technology, Sydney. The publication outlines the power of ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) to detain people for up to 7 days, and where refusing to answer questions can lead to a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment. The purpose of the publication is to provoke people to make submissions to the committee which is reviewing some of the laws. [Full Story on Perth Indymedia ]

PDF version of the information kit are available at the Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network at and at the Civil Rights Network.

A Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO / ASIS and DSD is reviewing these laws by looking at the effect and operation of these laws.

[Activists Rights ] [ Terror Laws Archive] [ The Parliamentary Review ] [ Atorney General ] [ Attorney General Media Release ] [ Two ASIO Annual Reports? ] [ Right To Organise in Jeopardy - GLW ] [ COMMUNITY LAW CENTRE - UTS ]

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(this article was adapted by me from Melbourne Indymedia )

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