Monday, March 28, 2005

BAXTER 2005 Convergence for Human Rights

BAXTER05 Convergence

So its over. After months of rough and ultra disparate logistical organising. After many provocative flame-wars, secret meetings and idiotic bickering amongst various elements of crusty refugee rights mobs, the crew have managed to forge an relatively aligned facade in the reality of some of the best activista bodies in the country, they're on the way home... [sigh of relief]

I've been locked onto the site throughout the weekend sorting out the mms and audio stuff as it came in. Juggling phone calls and emails, dictating mobile phone messages...

With excellent yet awkward indymedia-style software, it was quite a task to grab the various media as it came onto the server then make it suitable for page viewing.

Was a great experience. And I must have blown at least a hundred bucks on mobile phones!

Was good to see some dedicated crew uploading from cam phones and texting reports to my mobile - some audio reports were good too via an mbox account which i checked constantly.

however the most shocking of news i discovered from a barrage of early calls today before i had even booted up the PC...

i heard from crew that t and 4 spikey friends were arrested this morning trying to pull at the fence with a grappling hook! They were charged with "trespass" and "criminal damage". I hope there are some pictures.

Theres a report on the site i'd link to but it seems the indy server is down - hence my writing in the blog for a change!

Police Violence: I'm gonna write about the portrayal of violence in news media over the next few days.

But I'm tired...


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