Monday, April 25, 2005

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Windarling mine - 2004 - part of the Seven Sisters Dreaming track. 450k east of Perth
[near Southern Cross WA]


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The White Australia Policy: "the policy of excluding all non white people from the Australian continent, was the official policy of all governments and all mainstream political parties in Australia from the 1890s to the 1950s, and elements of the policy survived until the 1970s. Although the expression “White Australia Policy” was never in official use, it was common in political and public debate throughout the period."



"The effective end of the White Australia policy is usually dated to 1973, when the Whitlam Labor government implemented a series of amendments preventing the enforcement of racial aspects of the immigration law. These amendments legislated that all migrants, of whatever origin, be eligible to obtain citizenship after three years of permanent residence and ratified all international agreements relating to immigration and race."

The 1975 Racial Discrimination Act made the use of racial criteria for any official purpose illegal...

But wait theres MORE:
The Black GST:


Union of Aboriginal Nations Meeting

BAXTER Detention Centre Protest - easter05:

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