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randomism by bro_x 2005-04-05 1:44 AM +0800 - perth.indymedia.org

I suppose there are many things you can do to "live in suburbia without $$"

We start by reducing our impacts on it. Simplify.

However, it is virtually impossible to exist in society without some impact or contribution.

Its a matter of realising what you want out of life before you die. Or to be more specific - define what you DON'T want!

Its really okay to work. Working is the essence of our being. Its what work you do that counts. Its what makes you happy and gives you a sense of self-worth. But you need to do shit you like. If you like trees, get a job with trees. If you like public transport - be a busdriver; If you like cops be a cop. Get the idea.

If you don't want too much stress, learn to live with less shit.

The more shit you have, the more you have to think about; the more money you have the more your mind is occupied with financial security, wealth accumulation and insurance.

And remember, if you want the Government to give you stuff, you HAVE to give shit back. Like Identification; a bank account; mutual obligations and a self-humiliating willingness to fill out forms.

At some point however you will need money. Despite a close friend who derived 80% of his food from a Shopping Centre dumpster in Como, you do have to pay rent - somewhere.

If you do have a little bit of income, as a single person, the best way to manage rent is in a share house where the rent is broken into portions.

There are problems if you are protective of your stuff and even your share of food - another reason to give up property and posessions.

Perhaps you could pitch a tent in someone's yard or in some urban bushland. You'd have shelter, but people need homes.

You can't avoid suburbia forever - at some point you must communicate and contribute; our desire to share ideas is fundamental to human evolution. Don't hide in the dark.

There is a lot to be said of abandoning a mortgage, a credit card and even a car in the 21st Century. And it can be done.

But in terms of "scamming" - its better to give to the community than steal from it.

There a plenty of sites that delve into these ideas.

Lets look...

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