Friday, April 15, 2005

Post-Jam Fluffiness - beer beyond art

And so its friday. We always jam on fridays [for the last few months] - except when most of the members were at BAXTER!.

The band. W4BT - Waiting for broken trains. We're a Post Rock outfit. Seems that we all potentially grasp the notion of "post-rock" yet we all wanna chase songs - we can't shake the fucking addiction.

As a post-art sonic monster, I could play 2 chords for 6 hours, and I have. Except... Hmmm. I dunno...

Guitars, Drums Bass, Lyrics - Its a fucking habit. Making melody and words fit into a schemata. A formula. Yet making Post-rock music is perhaps the antithesis of this - in that we seek to abolish the notions of "corporate" rock. Rock is dead etc. There is nothing new - and whenever there is a freshness - its commodified immediately. Me - personally - as an artist. An artist with underground ideolojix - wants to Fuck Shit Up. If ya dont mind. If ya dont mind.

I fully dig to the sickness that tonja is bashing out my antipoetry in lala sing-song build to manic power word-scapes. She rocks. And Gman is a bastard of a percussionist - imagine: a physicist web-wizard hacktivator with drunnin skills. The rust is spent with G now and he's pushing some dynamics at the walls. Yum. Ray looks beyond the boredom and seeks extra within the bassness - he's still searching! Riche - well, his thurston-ness is astounding. Its 2nd generation post ASG go away God Speed kinda anti-uber-nerdiness! We fucking rock man! Fuckin kick out the freekin jammms!

Anyway we love it. Or at least I surely do.

Willing. Able. To fully kick out the rock-chords - augmented into surreal fuck-up finger poses of trad-rock. Aint no TABS for these riffs bro!

R O C K ! the reverb...

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