Sunday, April 17, 2005

Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule

from: Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule website
- a group wanting to register as a political party to generate attention to advocate ideas of Direct Democracy. To achieve this they need 550 people to sign up for membership in the "party" before the Australian Electoral Commissionwill place the group on the ballot.

More here: Politics Is Boring
We're Not Selling Anything: Here is where you come in. For the moment we just want to talk about the principal of direct democracy in public a little, see how far we can get it out there as an idea we can all think about and use. The way we want to do this is to get our name on the next ballot paper in the form of a political party called Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule.

Found at...Anarchist Age Weekly Review

er so what is like the but about the huh -
What is Direct Democracy?
Hmmm so then What is Direct action?



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