Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Union of Aboriginal Nations Meeting - Call To End Aboriginal Genocide



UPDATE: Union of Aboriginal Nations Meeting

Indigenous Elders from geographic Australia have lodged a writ of mandamus at High Court Registry in Melbourne at 10.00am Wednesday 13 April 2005,
directing the defendants to investigate and prosecute key perpetrators
(including top government officials) of acts of Genocide committed
against Original Peoples of geographic Australia on 26 September 2002
and daily thereafter. [ Melbourne IMC Story - High Court ] [ ABC Story ] [ WHAT IS THE BLACK G.S.T.? ] [ Howard moves to privatise Indigenous land ] [ Autopsy reveals truth about Douglas Scott Scott's 1985 death ] [ Black 'Australia' has had ENOUGH! ]

They are also making a declaration that the defendants are unwilling and unable (within the meaning of the International Criminal Courts Acts 2002) to investigate and prosecute such perpetrators for such acts of Genocide.

The I.C.C now has jurisdiction recognized by domestic law to
investigate and prosecute such perpetrators for such acts of Genocide.
The Genocide prosecutors met at the High Court Registry in Melbourne on
the Wednesday 13 April 2005.

Aboriginal SovreigntyThe "Genocide prosecutors" include the following Indigenous Nations’ Elders of geographic Australia:

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott from Arrabunna Country, Aunty Wadjularbinna
Nulyarimma from Gungallida Country, Aunty Isabell Coe from Wiradjuri
Country, Aunty Sue Charles Rankin from Jaara Country, Robbie Thorpe
from Gunnai Country, Mick Thorpe from Gunnai Country and Lionel Mongta
from Yuin Country are taking the commonwealth to the I.C.C.
(International Criminal Court) to prosecute for continuing acts of
premeditated criminal Genocide. They are calling on other Elders from
around the continent to also intervene.

The group say: "This is the commonwealth’s last opportunity to avoid
international prosecution. Stop the denial and resolve the issues of
the Black G.S.T. The unfinished business is Genocide

to be stopped. Sovereignty to be restored and a Treaty/s to be signed.
We intend to make these issues and our presence the focus of the
forthcoming "Stolenwealth" games in 2006".

Seven NSW Indigenous nations seek union

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[ Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder, convicted for reclaiming cultural symbols ]

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