Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terror Silence Dissent

Terror Silence Dissent

For those of us in Perth, frequenting the global Indymedia newswires, who can value an activist/radical/anarchistik perspective from the frontlines of dissent, its worth taking a browse through the UK Indymedia site. Below is an article I thought worth reposting here, considering the debate relating to the recent terrorist attacks in Britain.

Whilst there is an immediate emotional response to such repugnant acts, and my heart certainly weeps for the loss of lives and the pain of those left living - for my mind the neglected victim of these attacks is DISSENT itself.

The radical voices on display outside the G8 last week were met with fierce hostility and stifled at every turn. With only the fluffy Live-8 on offer on a mass-consumptive level, theres nothing new about charity, it fits nice in the guilt-ridden apathetic masses, the alternatives were not heard. We don't hear the radical noises on corporate TV, Radio or any news services, no current affairs will allow REAL dissent - or radical perspectives. The Corporate media cannot challenge itself and critique what it represents - the Status Quo. And will ALWAYS present the anarchist/radical voice as lunatic and violent.

Lets, kinda reappropriate the situation back to Australia for a moment and think about the Baxter05 protests - where police where more than over-the-top in their popping of balloons and beating kite-flyers to the ground - amongst other ridiculous acts. You can imagine and extrapolate the situation back here in Western Australia, where colourful dissent and active resistance to the deliberate and direct dismanlting of our trade Unions and Student organisations is met with forceful police violence. One only needs to look at the various heavy-handed approaches by the WA Police in the Perth Indymedia Newswires to see this.

Anytime we produce a new possibility it is stifled. Under the Howard regime of the past decade, and in the years to come, the Australian Corporate/Government elite is putting a lid on its Fair Go Mate ideas. We can't even be heard. And when we speak, out come the fucking Police Horses. The more stuff the Neo-Cons do, the more dissent we got! But the louder we get - the more they threaten.

ASIO is beyond itself now, with Ruddock the bossman Attorney General. And has not only been able to demonstrate that Refugees are terrorists, and should be incarcerated indefinately - he's now making sure that we are next. That we, as mere dissidents of oppression, are jailed indefinately as well. Note the current laws under review. Blah.

And now fuckers like Bin Laden and co have added to this by the heightened fear created by terrorism. Where am I going here..? Its late.

Anyway I'll shutup. And paste a link to a more articulate version of what I'm sort of trying to say...

As the Muslim Anarchist says: "The London bombers may have provided the kind of PR Blair and Bush were praying for..."

Bombs that Silence Dissent - 08 July 2005

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