Monday, September 12, 2005

NVDA Peace Activist to be Deported - detained as "threat to national security"

NVDA Peace Activist to be Deported

Peace activist detained as "threat to national security": Houston-based community organiser - Scott Parkin, a history teacher and Texas based peace activist, was detained by Australian Federal police on Saturday 10th September. He was arrested by AFP and immigration department officers at a Melbourne cafe on Saturday. Parkin was en route to a workshop he was about to give on the US invasion of Iraq and the companies which profit from war - such as Halliburton.

Scott Parkin has been detained by Federal Police at the request of DIMA. The reason given for his detention is that he poses "a threat to national security." It is understood that he has had his visa revoked at the Minister's discretion. No proper reason has been given.

Scott participated in a non-violent street theatre action outside US corporation Halliburton's headquarters in Sydney during the A30 protests against the Forbes meeting.

Activists say: "This is a major attack on dissent, free speech and the anti-war movement. Scott's detention prevented him from sharing his experiences of working for peace in the US with other local activists. This appears to be an attempt not just to intimidate Scott, but all those working for social justice and progressive social change more broadly."

Scott Parkin has not been charged with any offence. It is understood he will be forcibly deported on Monday.

Scott Parkin is high profile peace and global justice activist. He has spoken at numerous large public forums and events whilst in Australia including the Brisbane Social Forum and the Sydney Social Forum in August. It is now believed the request to detain came from Washington.

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People gathered outside the jail where Scott is being held to protest his incarceration at the attack on political activism and free expression. [ Background: Download Audio ]

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