Tuesday, December 21, 2004

brother_X = slackarsed busy boy


to those who read this thing, and myself, apologies for not updating this blog - i've been flatout busy with indy stuff and other things... http://baxter05.info

but i'm off to Rottnest Island for xmas and new yr to spend time with family. i intend to write stuff every day - so i'll upload to this blog as i do. as well as consume some beers and good food in the sun.

subaware's sister and her husband and kids are lucky enough to live and work there 24/7. they've been on the island for nearly a decade now. so when we stay its like being in a surreal smalltown suburbia...

i'm interested in jabbering on about the particularly dark history that place has, especially in terms of aboriginal histories. seems it was a dumping ground for white australias problems. in a similar fashion to Palm Island...

anyways, more soon

NOTE: well, obviously i didnt get to write up the rotto stories. subaware and i did go, with the kids and hung out with our family on rotto. we spent a considerable amount of time floating on inflatable lounges, complete with stubbie holder inserts... we floated about the bay, amongst the $200,000 boats. we drank beer and had little opportunity to write up shit. was a great xmas - messin with the kids... now, back to work...

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