Monday, February 20, 2006

comment on perth indy

I doubt yr on crack netto, but...

So many questions. Heres 2 answers...

1. There has never ever been at any time in history anything that even resembled a so-called "Free Press". Media is, and has always been, owned by someone or other. And all that paper and ink cost far too much. Journalists cost too much. etc. All information is controlled in some way or another.

The notion of Open Source, however, is a necessary evolution in information sharing.

Its time to live the change you want to see. Don't get trapped in the conspiracy of EVERTHING. All things are conspiratoral to some degree or another. You'll hurt yr brain if you look too deep.

Sometimes when doing research you look so far into something, that you forget what it was you were looking for.

2. Anyone who is either misinformed or seeks to exploit others for their own profit will always condone and/or perpetuate random (or orchestrated) acts of racism.

Nothing surprises me anymore. Except that folks are surprised at the fallout of rampant capitalist behaviour.

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