Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Union of Aboriginal Nations Meeting - Call To End Aboriginal Genocide



UPDATE: Union of Aboriginal Nations Meeting

Indigenous Elders from geographic Australia have lodged a writ of mandamus at High Court Registry in Melbourne at 10.00am Wednesday 13 April 2005,
directing the defendants to investigate and prosecute key perpetrators
(including top government officials) of acts of Genocide committed
against Original Peoples of geographic Australia on 26 September 2002
and daily thereafter. [ Melbourne IMC Story - High Court ] [ ABC Story ] [ WHAT IS THE BLACK G.S.T.? ] [ Howard moves to privatise Indigenous land ] [ Autopsy reveals truth about Douglas Scott Scott's 1985 death ] [ Black 'Australia' has had ENOUGH! ]

They are also making a declaration that the defendants are unwilling and unable (within the meaning of the International Criminal Courts Acts 2002) to investigate and prosecute such perpetrators for such acts of Genocide.

The I.C.C now has jurisdiction recognized by domestic law to
investigate and prosecute such perpetrators for such acts of Genocide.
The Genocide prosecutors met at the High Court Registry in Melbourne on
the Wednesday 13 April 2005.

Aboriginal SovreigntyThe "Genocide prosecutors" include the following Indigenous Nations’ Elders of geographic Australia:

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott from Arrabunna Country, Aunty Wadjularbinna
Nulyarimma from Gungallida Country, Aunty Isabell Coe from Wiradjuri
Country, Aunty Sue Charles Rankin from Jaara Country, Robbie Thorpe
from Gunnai Country, Mick Thorpe from Gunnai Country and Lionel Mongta
from Yuin Country are taking the commonwealth to the I.C.C.
(International Criminal Court) to prosecute for continuing acts of
premeditated criminal Genocide. They are calling on other Elders from
around the continent to also intervene.

The group say: "This is the commonwealth’s last opportunity to avoid
international prosecution. Stop the denial and resolve the issues of
the Black G.S.T. The unfinished business is Genocide

to be stopped. Sovereignty to be restored and a Treaty/s to be signed.
We intend to make these issues and our presence the focus of the
forthcoming "Stolenwealth" games in 2006".

Seven NSW Indigenous nations seek union

READ COMMENT in Perth Indy Newswire...
[ Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder, convicted for reclaiming cultural symbols ]

More info: [ Melbourne Indymedia Story ] [ ABORINGINAL GENOCIDE ] [ aboriginaltentembassy ] [ Genocide in Australia ]

Monday, April 25, 2005

"But who am i to disagree" - more info

Windarling mine - 2004 - part of the Seven Sisters Dreaming track. 450k east of Perth
[near Southern Cross WA]



Read more about this unsettling badge:

The White Australia Policy: "the policy of excluding all non white people from the Australian continent, was the official policy of all governments and all mainstream political parties in Australia from the 1890s to the 1950s, and elements of the policy survived until the 1970s. Although the expression “White Australia Policy” was never in official use, it was common in political and public debate throughout the period."



"The effective end of the White Australia policy is usually dated to 1973, when the Whitlam Labor government implemented a series of amendments preventing the enforcement of racial aspects of the immigration law. These amendments legislated that all migrants, of whatever origin, be eligible to obtain citizenship after three years of permanent residence and ratified all international agreements relating to immigration and race."

The 1975 Racial Discrimination Act made the use of racial criteria for any official purpose illegal...

But wait theres MORE:
The Black GST:


Union of Aboriginal Nations Meeting

BAXTER Detention Centre Protest - easter05:

Sunday, April 24, 2005

But who am i to disagree?

Heres a Performance Poem I wrote this morning.
Performed at the Brass Monkey Hotel Northbridge,
Perth WA - 24th April 2005.

Based on Marylin Manson's version of Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"...



but who am i to disagree?

travelled the world and the seventy five percent dead seas
seeking sovereignty in the shadow of a specialised jargonised hypocrisy

melting quick in tandem with coagulated planetary mirth;
some of them want to use you

all hail ye to the repetitive theft of new ideas
and those without a rock to throw at stolen tanks
a fully-armed hip-hop bling bling bubble gum invasion for crude platoons

and the labour of us all is eaten in product placement and unclarified superannuated illusions
i’m a market-share trap, a downsize redundant-coloured hollywood hyperventilation device – like a heroin for the masses

some of them some of them some of them want to abuse you;

waiting on lines cut to the clear broth anti-kitchenites - a trail of the shattered limbs
and my cute little car killed a nation today each turn of the key another strafe of helicopter gunfire
in sudan we drove hard at the walls of sunlight depletion.

those poetic clouds across the molecular moons; of crushed iron mountains the spinifex burning wild at each red horizon as the trucks reduce the peaks of a sacred seven sisters dreaming

the sweet sweet dream means the corporate mindshare drills into the crusty bone - my brain - my hand – the pen of my sweet dreams are made of you

and yet this guitar-solo werd-scape written and authorised by god by the government and spoken by you under the neon suburban streets the bleached beach of this bitumen salinty the cancer of this tragedy of the mental commons

but here in the manufactured new-skool consent, everybody's looking for something, and yet the sweet dreams are made of this - as i held a fist above your logo three billion brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and aunties and uncles living large on less than two dollars a day two dollars a day two dollars a day.

And god she whispers through the thin white noise of credit card fallacy and the gross domestic product of 48 nations less than the wealth of the world's three richest people as a billion of us unable to read or sign their names - and half the children on the planet without shelter or water

And and and...

and at the tented embassy in full riot gear they charge and everything you bought today slashes into eco-resource. your driveway/pergola quelling the sacred flame - the poets ashes - exacerbating the inequality to the boxes the boxes the boxes outbid by the fundamental media robots - a cut n paste distilled tabloid dream, and now we charge with full tanks into the face of fossil fuel depletion.

And so we hack
we hack we hack we hack hack hack
we hack we hack we hack hack hack
we hack we hack we hack hack hack
we hack we hack we hack hack hack

we shibboleth’s in anarchist clothing tearing at the foundations in radical notions with spray-painted ideas of peace and dream of a world without heirarchy

a sweet sweet dream

some of them want to be abused by you; travelled the lands of the aboriginal nations - crossed the uranium fields seeking those depleted bullets in the faces of iraqi children

like a cluster bomb in the heart of cottlesloe; and we dug up karrakatta our axes blunt on the blood of those before us

sweet fucking dreams sweet fucking dreams sweet fucking dreams the seven seas sailed and polluted all the romantic computers failed at our heart

our hands held high at the fringes of the desert detention, the fences more violent than the balloons and kites and songs of demonstration

but if you are not ever real without identity identity identity
and the primary producer/consumer split - a mind/body rejection of reality hits

and the energy flow spilt to global dimming - a frantic drumming
the airborne pieces of fantastic soot, the ash of children and elders and sonic sulphur compounds the sun bouncing back into its body like a diseased and stolen generation without sovereignty

in the reclaimed street my make-up is running and the democracy just got deader
by the second and we wait for orders unable to disable the frames around this head the borders of imaginary lines of flags and illogical distribution

the streets deep in the bodies of us in the waste of another disparate century
in the flesh of my brothers’ children - on the locked-plan crumpled mobiles we tell the stories

the bitter-sweet taste of a munted god, a random carbon particle
angry at the greed-club watchers; the billion-dollar riffs smashed at the pallisades

the barbed wire popping the razor wire glints. they climb and jump to the waiting throngs. the riots un-televised like an embedded revolution

who am i to disagree with a frontman's bleeding head
the black blood dreaming like the black GST
the GENOCIDE of a stolen people; a guitar smashed into walls of malls
the glass cutting the barefoot generation. Treaties neglected compassion rejected like a blurred barcode of the masses.

the subjects of guns in cans; shards of titanium eyes grazes our company
our PROFIT and the company the company gets what the company wants and freedom is a unnecessary dream a sweet dream made of...

and we/you/they/us/them/all/the seething mass of apathetic dissent pay a handful of mansions to eat like champions and every three years we remember to forget

like a medal of suicide of cannon fodder glory of valour in the face of a white rhyming with f/f/f/f/f/f/f/f/f/australia...

this white white australia australia australia...

rhymes with failure.

And these sweet dreams are made of these – and who am I do disagree.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Road Kill: Fifty Reasons why Cars Suck

Note this is a US version of the world - yes its old to but - yet immediately pertinent as to why I don't do cars.. a_x

Road Kill: Fifty Reasons why Cars Suck By Michael Zezima (Mickey Z)

June 20, 2001 -- I was absolutely determined to launch this preamble with an anecdote calculated to allegorize the vigor of our American car culture in unaffected, yet poignant, terms. Then I changed my mind. Why be coy?

The automobile and the lifestyle it inspires have risen to prominence through the power of relentless suggestion. There's nothing delicate about car commercials and car toys and the hundreds of songs and movies that venerate the irrefutable gratification of owning an internal combustion engine of your very own. Like cigarettes, television, and the meat-based diet, cars are profoundly engrained within modern human existence. It doesn't even register when a movie character hops into a car and screeches away from the curb. We no longer consciously acknowledge the presence of cars on the street, the highway, and in driveways from coast-to-coast.

On a much deeper level, it's simply expected that singers will sing about cars, writers will write about cars, actors will act in cars, and practically everyone will become a motorist. Even radicals and dissidents regularly drive to their protests and rallies (even environmental activists do so). Owning a car is now considered a virtual birthright, an actuality not open for debate on a philosophical level. As a result, although cars have been around a relatively short time, the culture that facilitates their subconscious acceptance

Why wouldn't we? Well, to follow are fifty answers to that query. Some light-hearted, some satirical, many are well-documented realities. It doesn't (and it shouldn't) take a 400-page tome, replete with footnotes, index, and bibliography, to arouse inquiry. The efficacy of the car culture is based upon a façade, on billions of dollars of advertising, on the insecurity and gullibility of humans living in a society that feeds on and cashes in on insecurity and gullibility. It was in a child's tale that a simple observation exposed a ruler as perpetrating a fraud on an all-too-willing populace. Now, another artifice faces child-like inspection and perhaps we too will ascertain that not only does the emperor have no clothes, the emperor also doesn't need a Chevrolet to see the U.S.A.

1. There are way too many of 'em
From 1950 to 1970, the U.S. automobile population grew four times faster than the human population. Today, there are around 200 million cars in America. Which brings us to reason #2.
2. Traffic
Contrary to all those car commercials in which you see the automobile being marketed as it cruises along all alone on an open road, we Americans spend 8 billion hours per year stuck in traffic.
3. Cars kill people
During the twentieth century, 250 million Americans were maimed or injured in automobile accidents.
4. Cars kill kids
The leading cause of death for children aged 5 to 14 in New York City is pedestrian automobile accidents.
5. Cars kill celebrities
While some may (understandably) regard this as an admirable reason to expand automobile production, it may have been interesting to discover what else people like Jackson Pollock, Albert Camus, or James Dean had to offer. Just a thought.
6. Cars kill every day
Every single day in the U.S., an average of 121 people are killed in car accidents.
7. Cars kill animals
The carnage is even worse for furry, feathered, and multi-legged earthlings. Automobiles, SUVs, trucks, and other fossil field-burning vehicles kill a million wild animals per week in the U.S.
8. Cars exploit dead animals
Substances like anti-freeze, bio-diesel fuel, hydraulic brake fluid, and asphalt binder are all made with ingredients culled from the carcasses of departed animals.
9. Those Christmas tree-shaped air fresheners
Enough to turn anyone's lungs into a potential Superfund site.
10. Car bombs
An uncomplicated equation: no cars = no car bombs.
11. Drive-by shootings
A touch more of the old math for ya: cars + automatic weapons = drive-by shootings
12. Sprawl
During the last century, an area equal to all the arable land in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania was paved in the U.S.
13. Expensive sprawl
The area equal to all the arable land in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania requires maintenance costing over $200 million a day.
14. Very expensive sprawl
The surreptitious cost of the car culture totals nearly $464 billion a year in the U.S. alone, much of that going to the sustentation of a military presence in the Persian Gulf.
15. Bumper stickers
Another truism: Without bumpers, there wouldn't be any bothersome bumper stickers.
16. Malls
Need I say more?
17. Horns
Especially when they are used in lieu of a door bell. Especially at 3 a.m.
18. Alarms
Especially at 3 a.m.
19. They take up too much space
A car demands 300 square feet when parked or standing still and 3000 square feet when moving at 30 miles per hour. A pedestrian requires only 5 square feet when standing and 10 square feet when walking.
20. There's less room for bicycles
With the possible exception of written language, the bicycle just may be the neatest idea we humans have ever come up with.
21. Global warming
Automobiles emit one-quarter of U.S. greenhouse gases.
22. Car toys
An entire industry designed to lay the foundation. Imagine that.
23. Drivers who ignore what traffic lights mean
Green means you drive through the intersection above the speed limit. Yellow means you drive through the intersection while making a mockery of the speed limit. Red means you drive through the intersection at a rate approaching the speed of sound.
24. Traffic lights
The next time you're feeling "free," see how far you can walk without being legally compelled to stop . . . so cars can pass.
25. Oil addiction
The U.S. spends $60 billion per year on foreign oil.
26. Serious oil addiction
Eight million barrels of oil per day is combusted in U.S. cars.
27. Very serious oil addiction
That's 450 gallons per person per year.
28. Walking in right angles
Thanks to our car-centric civilization, most cities are designed in grids forcing pedestrians to forever walk in right angles.
29. Poor posture
That's what we get from sitting hunched over a steering wheel 8 billion hours a year.
30. Car songs
With all due respect to Bruce Springsteen, I'd suggest we've heard all we need to hear about the joys of souped-up hemis, drag-strip romance, and the mythical '57 Chevy.
31. The drive-thru life
From drive-thru eating to drive-thru funerals, isn't it safe to insinuate we've forfeited a little bit of perspective here?
32. Waste
Cars create 7 billion pounds of un-recycled scrap and waste annually.
33. Car commercials
They say: "Cars make you sexy, smart, cool, and successful." I say: "Go back to reason #3 to see what cars really make you."
34. Parking lots
These structures, sitting atop once-thriving eco-systems, are rivaled only by cemeteries in the post-modern space-wasting competition.
35. Parking tickets
The inescapable consummation of the dreaded "alternate side of the street" abstraction.
36. Parking
How much time have you wasted looking for a spot, squeezing into that spot, and then trying to recall where the hell the damn spot was in the first place?
37. Tires
With approximately one billion discarded tires littering our increasingly paved landscape, meditate upon this: Every tire loses one pound of rubber per year, spewing minute grains of rubber into the stratosphere and then back down to find a new home in our water and/or our lungs.
38. Road rage
These equations just keep getting easier. Road rage cannot exist without the automobile. Hey, when was the last time you saw a cyclist brandishing an Uzi?
39. Mechanics
Your car dies, you walk into the repair shop, and you just know what the mechanic is thinking: "I know something you don't and, man, am I'm gonna make you pay for it."
40. The internal combustion engine
Or, as Ralph Nader calls it, the "infernal combustion engine." Possibly humanity's foremost folly.
41. Humans did not evolve to ride in cars
Or in boats and planes, for that matter. A transparent case of stone age biology in a space age society.
42. Carchitecture
How many structures exist exclusively to nourish the car culture? We can start with the highway, on-ramp, off-ramp, gas station, strip mall, car wash, auto repair shop, car rental establishment, bridges, tunnels, and, of course, the suburbs.
43. The suburbs
Phase one of a cunning master plan to facilitate automobile dependency.
44. De-funded public transportation
Phase two.
45. Campaign contributions
Phase three.
46. Corporate welfare
Phase four.
47. Cars are hell
During the 40 days of the Gulf War, 146 Americans died keeping the world safe for petroleum while at home, 4900 Americans died in motor vehicle accidents.
48. Personalized license plates
To foster one's singularity . . . while keeping the homogenizing car culture alive and well.
49. Speed kills
If the national speed limit is no higher than 65 MPH, why are cars capable of going twice that fast?
50. Humans drive 'em
After you've cynically dismissed all of the other 49 reasons why cars suck, take a good hard look at the person sitting behind the wheel of the next car you see.

Case closed.

ContactAcrossTheFencesMP3remix BAXTER_05


This Mp3 audio piece, from the Easter 2005 Baxter Detention Centre
Convergence in South Australia is 8 minutes of raw edit of contact
between activists and detainees - from the frontlines - served up on an
audiomulched beat/noise bed. AZADI

audio: MP3 at 5.8 megabytes

The audio begins with a few minutes of the call and response contact
between a few hundred activists and a group of detainees - some of whom
climbed on the Detention Centre's roof - on Easter Saturday 2005. Feel
free to use this on any Indymedia/Independent/Radical/Radio anywhere
anyhow! AZADI

Baxter Detention Centre: Sth Australia:
See http://baxter05.info/

AZADI = Freedom in Farsi...

Note: The raw audio of the Contact can be found here:

Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekly Perth Indymedia Radical Radio has changed its Timeslot

ATTENTION!! all radical media lovers...

THE Weekly Perth Indymedia Radical Radio has changed its Timeslot!
We now broadcast live from 7 - 8 PM - every Wednesday on RTRFM 92.1
You can stream the new-look RTRFM anytime...
Go here: http://rtrfm.com.au

As always, you are welcome to give us a bell on-air in the RTRFM Studio: 9260 9210

But check out the perth.indy radio blog for updates,
including links to various extra information, related stories and links etc

We're also documenting selected interviews via the Radio Indymedia project:

The last two interviews uploaded are:
1. Interview with one of the "WA grappling hook 5" [Baxter05]
who were arrested for tearing at the Baxter Detention Centre Fence over Easter 2005.

2. Interview with Chris Farnworth [Ludlow Tuarts]
who "positively positioned a pie" into the face of Collis Thorpe - the CEO of Cable Sands.

So tune in at our more reasonable timeslot of 7-8pm Wednesdays
to hear and interact with the latest activist news, interviews and information
about whats happening in WA Activism and beyond -
via the Perth Indymedia, Oceania and the Global Indymedia networks...

Please let us know if there's something you'd like to see covered on the show.
People you want to hear interviewed, any news from your group etc.

Or please contribute your own content by publishing YOUR media to the
Perth Indymedia Newswire: http://perth.indymedia.org
And we can use it in the show...

We'd love to have more people getting involved with the Perth Indy Radio project.
Besides really being part of the media that you want to hear,
you can learn some radio skills as well as essential audio editing skills.

Give us a call, send an email.

allan boyd - perth imc radio
email: radiofreeperth@indymedia.org
ph 0402 573 580

perth indymedia radical radio show
WEDS 7-8pm :: RTRFM 92.1

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule

from: Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule website
- a group wanting to register as a political party to generate attention to advocate ideas of Direct Democracy. To achieve this they need 550 people to sign up for membership in the "party" before the Australian Electoral Commissionwill place the group on the ballot.

More here: Politics Is Boring
We're Not Selling Anything: Here is where you come in. For the moment we just want to talk about the principal of direct democracy in public a little, see how far we can get it out there as an idea we can all think about and use. The way we want to do this is to get our name on the next ballot paper in the form of a political party called Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule.

Found at...Anarchist Age Weekly Review

er so what is like the but about the huh -
What is Direct Democracy?
Hmmm so then What is Direct action?



Friday, April 15, 2005

Post-Jam Fluffiness - beer beyond art

And so its friday. We always jam on fridays [for the last few months] - except when most of the members were at BAXTER!.

The band. W4BT - Waiting for broken trains. We're a Post Rock outfit. Seems that we all potentially grasp the notion of "post-rock" yet we all wanna chase songs - we can't shake the fucking addiction.

As a post-art sonic monster, I could play 2 chords for 6 hours, and I have. Except... Hmmm. I dunno...

Guitars, Drums Bass, Lyrics - Its a fucking habit. Making melody and words fit into a schemata. A formula. Yet making Post-rock music is perhaps the antithesis of this - in that we seek to abolish the notions of "corporate" rock. Rock is dead etc. There is nothing new - and whenever there is a freshness - its commodified immediately. Me - personally - as an artist. An artist with underground ideolojix - wants to Fuck Shit Up. If ya dont mind. If ya dont mind.

I fully dig to the sickness that tonja is bashing out my antipoetry in lala sing-song build to manic power word-scapes. She rocks. And Gman is a bastard of a percussionist - imagine: a physicist web-wizard hacktivator with drunnin skills. The rust is spent with G now and he's pushing some dynamics at the walls. Yum. Ray looks beyond the boredom and seeks extra within the bassness - he's still searching! Riche - well, his thurston-ness is astounding. Its 2nd generation post ASG go away God Speed kinda anti-uber-nerdiness! We fucking rock man! Fuckin kick out the freekin jammms!

Anyway we love it. Or at least I surely do.

Willing. Able. To fully kick out the rock-chords - augmented into surreal fuck-up finger poses of trad-rock. Aint no TABS for these riffs bro!

R O C K ! the reverb...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sensory Manipulation at the Supermarket?

Something I stumbled across...

Sensory Manipulation at the Supermarket?
Do you ever wonder why things are so hard to find in the Supermarket? The longer you walk around, the more likely you are to make extra unplanned purchases. Visual layout tricks and scientifically tested muzak are incredibly successful at extracting more money from your wallet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


yep - its gone.

died in the arse.
got the axe.
12 years. no more.

another bathwater baby. yep.
personal vendettas. yeah.
apparently irrelevant. the what.
end of a fucking era. blandify the radical.
terminate satirical. benign and commodified.
massified to the verges of middle.
the riddle of a new kind of nothing.

the logo of low community need.
soft left n liberal we boot the great unlaced.

get fucked - you bastards. you bastards. fuck fuck fuck.

they killed my favourite fucking show.
gone fucked. dead. ripped off the dial.

gone - no more.
fucked. dead air barry.
dead air...

the fucking waste.


Friday, April 08, 2005


anarchist media weekly
Anarchist Age Weekly Review
Number 637 4th April-10th April 2005 -

Posted here mainly to reminder myself to keep reading and distributing Joe's stuff...

Its Australian Anarchista talk. A weekly summary/comment from Dr Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed Society.

A Snippet:


There´s one way to skin a cat and there´s more than one way to bury a story. The most important report delivered on the state of the planet and the effects the human race has and will have on the health of the planet, turned out to be a one day wonder. Arguably the most extraordinary story of the century wasn´t even picked up by the Murdoch press. Even those media outlets that gave the story an airing dropped it within 24 hours. No in depth analysis, no endless debates, no mention about the role capitalism is playing in the current crisis.

Too many distractions, too much money to be made to give the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment group any space. The death of an old man, whose contribution to the world´s welfare is very questionable, a relatively small earthquake in Indonesia, the horse races, Kylie´s bum, boring pedestrian reality shows, even more boring TV shows and movies are much, much more important than learned opinions of 1350 scientists from 95 countries on the fate of the planet.

News that doesn´t fit the manufactured consensus is soon forgotten. Anything else, the world´s largest pumpkin, the next gruesome crime, the antics of professional sports players, the next whiz bang manufactured need, product placement, all have a much more important role to babble than news that doesn´t fit their own view. The monopoly media´s strength lies in its ability to set the agenda. You don´t need censorship when you enjoy a monopoly on the distribution of information. You don´t need censorship when you can appoint editorial staff that supports your world view. You don´t need censorship when the staff you hire know that if they step out of line they´ll find it difficult to ever find a job in the same industry again.

The only positive note to this dirge of despair is that they will not be able to ignore reality for much longer. The problem is that it may be too late to do anything about reality when they are finally forced to ´see the light´.

Anarchist Age Weekly Review

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


randomism by bro_x 2005-04-05 1:44 AM +0800 - perth.indymedia.org

I suppose there are many things you can do to "live in suburbia without $$"

We start by reducing our impacts on it. Simplify.

However, it is virtually impossible to exist in society without some impact or contribution.

Its a matter of realising what you want out of life before you die. Or to be more specific - define what you DON'T want!

Its really okay to work. Working is the essence of our being. Its what work you do that counts. Its what makes you happy and gives you a sense of self-worth. But you need to do shit you like. If you like trees, get a job with trees. If you like public transport - be a busdriver; If you like cops be a cop. Get the idea.

If you don't want too much stress, learn to live with less shit.

The more shit you have, the more you have to think about; the more money you have the more your mind is occupied with financial security, wealth accumulation and insurance.

And remember, if you want the Government to give you stuff, you HAVE to give shit back. Like Identification; a bank account; mutual obligations and a self-humiliating willingness to fill out forms.

At some point however you will need money. Despite a close friend who derived 80% of his food from a Shopping Centre dumpster in Como, you do have to pay rent - somewhere.

If you do have a little bit of income, as a single person, the best way to manage rent is in a share house where the rent is broken into portions.

There are problems if you are protective of your stuff and even your share of food - another reason to give up property and posessions.

Perhaps you could pitch a tent in someone's yard or in some urban bushland. You'd have shelter, but people need homes.

You can't avoid suburbia forever - at some point you must communicate and contribute; our desire to share ideas is fundamental to human evolution. Don't hide in the dark.

There is a lot to be said of abandoning a mortgage, a credit card and even a car in the 21st Century. And it can be done.

But in terms of "scamming" - its better to give to the community than steal from it.

There a plenty of sites that delve into these ideas.

Lets look...

this dedicator recognize

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