Wednesday, February 23, 2005

fawwa - antipoet workshop

i'm doing an antipoet workshop at Tom Collins House in Swanbourne this weekend.
i really enjoy these things...

if theres any perth.wa folk who wanna come along... please come.


The Antipoet Workshop with Allan Boyd - Saturday 26 February 10 am to 5 pm. $22 all comers

What is "antipoetry"?
Come along and meet allan boyd [author of the antipoet manifesto] to find out.
We'll look at what it means to challenge the existing paradigms of dominant culture in 2005.
Why is now "not the time for decorative art"?

Learn that suffering for your art is a personal choice, not a foregone conclusion. What is a "Zine" and where are all the real poets?
Contemplate Art and Activism. Discover how adverbs are fascist. Discuss web-writing and Internet Publishing.

"Be the change you want to see" and incorporate integrity into your art and writing. Why is there no such thing as "writers block?"
Take the power back and shape words to your own wants, needs, desires.

We'll do some radical writing excercises using bizarre rules and tools.

We'll look at Performance Poetry techniques - see what works and what doesn’t when poetry becomes
performance. Bring work to be performed/critiqued on the day. We'll record some poetry and play it back.

All sorts of stuff. Come on - he won't bite …

Plus, if you treat him well, the anti-poet will let you in on wordworksecrets you've previously never even imagined. So be nice, cause he has much to teach...

PHONE: (08) 9384 4771

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dead Gonzo

Gonzo Dead: pics and interviews at the site.

Well, Hunter S. Thompson is dead. Killed himself apparently. Strange thing, I had never really fetishised the guy like others seem to do. When i first came across the idea of "gonzo" journalism at uni, i was fascinated with the idea of giving a biased and opinionated version of events. However after reading the "Great Shark Hunt" I realised WAS WRONG. To place yourself in the picture, to offer a real narrative and well-crafted version of events is more powerful and creative than the tired old methods of reportage we are so used to. Hunter began his writing career in the military.

Spose we all die eventually but its a pity he blew his fucking head off.

Hunter S. Thompson Dead at 67

- From tne Perth Indy Front Page. I whacked this cut n paster together in a vodka-induced state late last night....

GONZO IS DEAD! |||| HUNTER S THOMPSON DIES ||| From the Perth Indy newswires...

Regarded as one of the most legendary writers of the 20th century, the founder of GONZO journalism, American writer Hunter S. Thompson, author of such classics as Fear And Loathing in Las Vagas, has taken his own life after firing a gun shot to the head...

Hunter S. Thompson's son, Juan, released a statement saying he had found his father dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head at the writer's Owl Creek farm near Aspen. He was 67 years old.

Photos of the late HST.

Thompson, famed for such adrenaline-packed narratives as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," [ 2 ] turned his drug and alcohol-fueled clashes with authority into a central theme of his work, challenging the quieter norms of established journalism in the process.

Thompson had distilled his style of invective-laced, outlaw journalism into a slogan: "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Thompson developed a reputation for fearlessly attacking the complacency and consensus of mainstream journalism in America. He lived an extravagent life at his Aspen ranch where Thompson, the cavalier liberterian, maintained an extensive gun and drug arsenal.

Always an engaged critic of American culture, some of Thompson's more memorable quotes included:

- "America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable."

- "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

All hail ye to Hunter S Thompson - The Perth Indymedia banner assumes a full respect for "Gonzo Style Journalism"...

Read More/Comment on Perth Indy...
His Last Column...
Some Hunter S Thompson Quotes...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

jam: kikkn jammin out the kix n jammz

"waiting for broken trains"
is the name of a new band under development in my loungeroom, kitchen and backyard...

myself and 3 other perth artist/activists [will terror; dr g; and ray - the armed-poet] have been jammin away on n off for the last 6 months or so. mostly we're producing a "post rock" flavoured sonic pastiche.

its quite different to any other musical projects i've been involved with over the years - such as miteyko for example is a more poetic, mellow and kinda poppy endevour.

recently we've been getting together on a weekly basis and working these musical ideas into structural song-things. we're getting tighter and starting to really get a feel for each other's energies, ideas and abilities. we hope to get out amongst the perth independant music scene soon. and we're getting closer to it.

with such regularity, friday evenings are becoming something to really look forward to each week. when the lads arrive, we grab a carton of beer and cook up a bit of a feed and spend a few hours making and discussing our music and stuff.

we also use the time to discuss activism. currently we're yabbering about tactics for the upcoming baxter convergence. its an excellent opportunity to be with good people on a mutual level. to have a beer and talk about art and activism and radical politics and experimentation in art and life. lovin it!

but, we're looking fwd to a backyard "activist" party on 12th march to let loose our sound the perth public. backyard parties are a good place to introduce a band to the public - due to the inebriation level of most guests! ;)

THE BEST BIT: over the last couple of jams, subaware, my gorgeous lovergrrl of anarko-royalty has joined in on the fun. instead of sitting or hangin around tappin her feetses, she's started adding bits n pieces of my poetry into the mix, while i sing choruses and repetitious harmonic melodies, some verses and shouting lines in tune...

her sparkling, zesty and feisty contribution to a crusty all-boy machine is great. it opens up the energy to a feminista perspective. hearing her deliver my werds, in her way is unique, empowering and will certainly be entertaining for the audience. i really love it that she can incorporate her passion into an art project. we've never really been able to merge like this before. i think this is the beginning of an interesting and productive journey for both of us...

anyway, seems we have half a dozen songs nearly ready for consumption. just a matter of smoothing out the lyrics and tightening on the musicianship. we fuckin rock.

"i am i am i am i am am... in the red one"

and just realised the melbourne stencil fest is on 25feb...
melbourne street art is amazing. whilst we have a few pockets of interesting takes on the concrete canvases of perth, its nothing like the way creative dissident art bleeds into the streetscapes of melbs... lucky fuckers. wish i had the guts to take my stuff out into the streets more!


Thursday, February 17, 2005

nothing better than reading a succinct paragraph - anarchists rule :)


"Awarded to all those Australians who required the illegal detention of an Australian resident to realise that what´s happening in Australia´s detention centres is wrong, cruel & inhumane. If only the same people had realised that what happened to the Tampa refugees was wrong, cruel & inhumane, maybe Australian governments wouldn´t be meting out the same cruel, degrading & harsh treatment to asylum seekers & refugees in 2005..."

[could not have expressed it better myself - al]

Go to Baxter at Easter 2005:

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

attack of the killerpoets...

strange the things you do on the net. well the net IS a strange beast.
all its organic ramifications of the human condition...

so, i started another blog in november last year:

in an effort to bring online poetry to a different level. well to be honest i dont really know why i did it - just thought the idea was kinda cool.

since then 22 people have submitted works.

anyway, i realised, whilst logging onto the site today, that i have forgotten the password and username - so i cant access the inards of this experimental site.

hopefully it will come to me...

checkitout. and leave a poem!

update! actually, the lovely blogger robots told me how to fix it!

Monday, February 14, 2005

STENCIListas - Big In Japan

manila indymedia activista and stencil artist [JONG PIRATES] has just held an exhibition in tokyo. FOUND HERE...

we also played a Jong Pirates track on the perth indymedia radical radio show last tuesday night on RTRFM...

see also: Irregular rhythm Asylum, Tokyo, Japan


Baxter Immigration Detention Centre - Detainees Statement

Baxter Detainees' Statement
- from -

The following is a statement from Baxter detainees regarding the detention of Cornelia Rau and the proposed government inquiry. Contact Ian Rintoul for any further information, 0417 275 713.

The public inquiry into the happenings of the unlawful detention of Cornelia Rau should not be short-sighted but expanded into an investigation about the inhuman treatment of all those who reside in Baxter detention centre

They are all treated by the same psychologists who are unable to distinguish between severely ill mental behaviour and deliberate misbehaviour.

Severely ill detainees are punished as if it were misbehaviour.

Baxter detention centre has a specific compound for this where most of Cornelia Rau’s time and [that of] many others is spent, isolated, locked in a room for 18 hours a day and/or constantly harassed in ways hard to understand and always denied – like waking people in a disturbing manner and provoking them into matters of self-harm and anger [and] always being blamed.

Most of the officers working in the compound, Red 1, are new to the centre. It takes a great deal of time for officers to realise that this is not a criminal detention and to treat the detainees as such.

Also in the Red 1 compound detainees are severely restricted. There is next to nothing in forms of recreation - no access to gym or education facilities. Detainees are expected not only to be alone, but alone and feeling that nobody cares, which is exactly the plight of those [ie those in detention] who are unable to comprehend their situation.

Not understanding why you are in Baxter detention, with no clue of when it will end, together with feeling alone and that no-one cares, brings even someone with strong mental health to the brink of insanity.

Without proper psychological help, detainees may never find their way back.

We here at Baxter detention plea for the pious and compassionate people of this great nation to not only look at the small picture of one Cornelia Rau but at the big picture of the humanitarian catastrophe of all those still suffering in this historical precedent of inhumanity. This is called Australian immigration detention.

Baxter detainees extend our best wishes for the recovery and future health of Cornelia Rau.

Read the Detainee Statement here...

Photos from Inside Baxter IDC by Damian McDonald - from the National Library of Australia

You can read story and see all the above pics here..


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Welcome to Baxter...

"Banging At The Gates"
baxter05 convergence for human rights

Refugee Rights advocates and allied activists across Australia are organising to converge on the Baxter Immigration Detention Centre at Pt Augusta (SA) - a place which, by its very design, serves to dehumanise and degrade its incarcerated and innocent victims. The Baxter 2005 Convergence for Human Rights is set to take place over the Easter long weekend and should attract hundreds of activists from all over Australia...

Baxter Watch -


Fed up with the Howard government's consistent mistreatment of asylum seekers in this country, the diverse group of activists are preparing to engage in a variety of autonomous and colourful actions outside the gates of the centre to express dissent at many of the Government's abusive human rights policies - particularly the "jailing of refugees". In 2003 several hundred people protested at the centre, while SA and Federal police harrassed and intimidated the participants.

At an earlier protest at Woomera, SA in 2002, around 50 detainees escaped the notorious Woomera detention centre. However, according to one activist making the trip, "breaking out refugees is not on the agenda this time... we simply can't have a repeat of Woomera 02, and we do not want to. These places are entirely different. Whilst Woomera, Curtin and Pt Hateland were makeshift and hideous examples of Howard's racism, the Baxter Camp is a purpose-built machine of oppression," she said. "Theres 24 hour surveilence, reported beatings, humiliation and little contact with the outside world. Let alone the 9000 volt perimiter fences, the solitary confinement, the forced medication, the constant threat of forced deportation. But there's more to it" she said, "This convergence is also about Howard's imperial compliance of the killing of 100,000 Iraqi people. Its all connected."

Many Human Rights groups have condemed John Howard's practice of Mandatory Detention. Amnesty International says, "Detaining children for up to five years, frequent rioting and self-harm by detainees, are not acceptable by-products of refugee processing. Legitimate border control and the fight against people smuggling can be achieved without violating human rights." From one of many Amnesty reports condemming Australia's human rights abuses of refugees.

"Some of these refugees have been imprisoned by the Howard Government for over six years. Some of these people are from countries we have invaded! It's got to stop," says Karen Eliot from Adelaide.

People from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Darwin, Brisbane, Tasmainia and elsewhere are preparing ideas and "disarming tactics" such as kite-flying displays, open space workshops and a range of Non Violent Direct Action events. The BX05 Convergence for Human Rights is organised via meetings, an email list, chatrooms and an Indymedia-style open publishing site [ ] where autonomous affinity groups discuss how to implement their strategies for change.

On the website, activists have expressed outrage over the "psychological torture, electric fences, solitary confinement, remote control zoom cameras, beatings, and microwave sensors." They say: "We oppose borders, violence, militarism, fascism and fear mongering."

Referring to indefinite detention without charge or trial, Peter Wilkie from Refugee Rights Action Network [RRAN] in Perth said, “Baxter detention centre represents stark relief policies which constitute human rights abuses and institutionalized child abuse”. He went on to say, “these polices and laws also damage and undermine a number of important conventions on which our system of government and democracy depend, such as the principle of ministerial accountability, and the independence of the military and public service”.

Since 1989 Australia has imposed indefinite mandatory detention on virtually all persons entering Australian waters without entry documents, despite these people simply seeking protection from the countries they flee. The laws, policies and programs under which this treatment operates, consistently violate human rights, unnecessarily traumatise already traumatised people, distress and shame many concerned Australians, cause international embarrassment and cost Australian taxpayers around $400,000 a day.

Many who will make the journey to Baxter feel there is an "underlying feeling of dissent in this country". They state that: "In so many ways human rights are being abused. Many Australians believe the current Government has neglected its duty to humanitarian principles." Following the 2004 Federal election the Senate is now stacked in Howard's favour. And despite arguments from Independents, the Greens and Democrats, there is a lack of effective dissent to the policy from the Opposition parties. There is virtually no real prospect of future reform within the Liberal/National coalition. Furthermore, mainstream media are not taking the issue up at all and are disallowed access to the detainees." In short, they say: "In 2005, there is no opposition but that which we create..."

Despite global condemnation, the Prime Minister's tough stance on asylum seekers has proved popular with many "Hansonite" Australians. Nevertheless, in 2002 the United Nations Human Rights Committee found Australia's practice of detaining asylum-seekers to be "arbitrary and unlawful, in violation of international human rights obligations binding on Australia". Amnesty International is also appealing to the Australian government to step back and consider the costs and consequences of the policy and to bring it in line with international human rights standards.

Australia's detention system falls far short of international standards and is the only country world-wide with a national, mandatory detention policy that cannot be reviewed by courts. Even though the government says that asylum-seekers are "seeking a migration outcome", their own figures show that the majority are found to be refugees entitled to the protection and safety they are seeking. Over 90% of asylum seekers have been recognised as "genuine refugees" and granted protection visas.

RRAN says: "There are also major concerns about how the detention system affects the mental and physical health of the detainees. There is a growing body of evidence that prolonged detention of unspecified duration, particularly when people are already traumatised by past persecution and do not know what the future holds for them, can lead to serious, physical and psychological damage".

The Australian Human Rights Commissioner, the Ombudsman, Parliamentary Committees, religious organisations and NGOs have perpetually outlined the "deep frustration and despair" among asylum seekers in detention centres - the "hopelessness and helplessness" - which drive people to frequently attempt hunger strikes; sew lips together in absolute desparation; to repeatedly attempt suicide or even to hurt others.

“We see that the mainstream media is reluctant to take up these issues," say RRAN, "we also see that the ALP has no intention of presenting any opposition to these policies and practices. We see that the constitution allows these severe and unjust laws. So we find ourselves in a position where there is no opposition but that which we create...”

So at Easter 2005, hundreds of concerned Australians will be at Baxter to expose these injustices and outline the inhumanity of these policies - to fight the dispossesion, to challenge the enclosures. And they invite you to join them in solidarity with those detained within.

To find out more:

brother_X 27jan05

Monday, February 07, 2005

jabbering on indy...

And the Robots clapped in genetic retaliation

"Well it may be the case in Australia where we the people actually get to decide who runs the country but not in the land of the free, the great USA."

Not necessarily making a distinction here. My point is that in much the same way, here in australia, we have no control over the way the government operates. An examination and complete overhaul of our constitution could see some remedy.

The ONLY reason corporations can get away with the shit they do, is because the governments are compliant. This suggests that governments [including australian govs] have stuff to gain from being in power. Governments offer a hierachial structure of authority that is unnecessary and offensive to the human spirit. When we, as ignorant and apathetic, loyal citizens, here and in and the US, vote our leaders in we surely get what we deserve...

What am I saying? That democracy itself is a failure. And we need to pursue fresh models of organising ourselves, less central control and more self-managed societies, where exploitation of others is not in anybody's interest.

"Which country has the greatest influence on what we see on TV, the food we eat and yes even the education system? Hell even the politicians that we chose grovel to the US."

Indeed - look to the over-commodification of global news media since the 1980s, the big swallowing the small, all connected through the market economy, the inability to get good stories through the media lens because of vested interest from afar... We get what we deserve though when we swallow the mainstream whole.

In the same way we choose our pollies - so do the US. But, Democracy itself is a farce. The media would have us believe there are only TWO pale choices, when there are a plethora of choices outside the majors.

And as far as the media go: All TV News is filler between the real news - the real news? Advertising of superfluous crap [driven by the global economy, fueled to the very bone by the Uncle Sam's oil industry].

Its all about business. And we are told to mind our own.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Australia Jails its Own Citizens in Baxter's "Ugly and Dark Ideology"

Australia Jails its Own Citizens in Baxter's "Ugly and Dark Ideology"

by RefoBusta
baxter05From the newswire... [ See Also: Story ] [ This could happen to you: warning - "the age" ]

Following the release from BAXTER last week of Cornelia Rau, a mentally ill 39-year-old former Qantas flight attendant, we can "see the ramifications of a cruel and inhumane policy" of Mandatory Detention...

[ OUTRAGE ] As John Howard promises an "Inquiry" into Ms Rau's case, the recent situation of an Australian woman caught up in DIMIA's scales of injustice, serves to highlight how the "government has no intention of respecting the human rights of even it's own citizens". Cornelia Rau spent 10 months in immigration detention, including extended periods in an isolation cell, after authorities failed to identify her as a "missing person".

A leading mental health advocate says Baxter detention a mental health care 'failure'. Refugee Rights advocates say: "To force someone into detention, especially Immigration Detention, because of mental illness is deplorable and a stuff-up of monumental proportions". The Refugee Action Coalition in NSW has called for Senator Vanstone to resign as Immigration Minister. They say this is the "inevitable result of constructing a system of detention under the Migration Act that is outside the norms of Australian law and that is deliberately kept away from media and public scrutiny," said Max Phillips, RAC spokesperson. "To lock a person who is obviously mentally ill in an isolation cell for months on end is the result of a crazy and cruel system that belongs to the 19th century, not modern day Australia..."

An activist from the WA-based Refugee Rights Action Network says: "Baxter represents and implements an ideology of oppression and state violence against anyone who is marginalized as "the other", as "not one of us". "These places, these policies, these ideas must be dismantled, overturned and discredited... It is about opposing an ugly and dark ideology which is being expressed in public policy and is destroying innocent lives", he said.

Ms Rau, was found by a group of Aborigines in Queensland on March 31 last year. Concerned about her psychotic state, they took her to police for her own safety. She did not identify herself to police and spoke only in German. The police then assumed she was an illegal immigrant and handed her over to immigration officials on April 5.

v Ms Rau has been held in Baxter's Red One isolation compound, where her psychotic behaviour had distressed other detainees. Initially, asylum seekers had raised the alarm to refugee rights advocates, alerting them that a woman in the centre was very sick and needed help.

"The two groups who were kind to Cornelia in all this time were the two most downtrodden groups in society - the Aboriginal people in Cairns and the refugees in Baxter," said Cornelia's sister, "There's an irony in that".

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has called for an inquiry into how a seriously mentally ill Australian permanent resident was locked up in an isolation cell in an immigration detention centre for over two months with no medical help.

"It's pretty dangerous if you have Alzheimer's disease or you speak a second language right now," A Labor Spokesperson said.

Refugee advocate Pamela Curr, who spoke to Ms Rau at Baxter last month, said authorities should have been alerted earlier. "Her English was fine," Ms Curr said. "She told me then she really wasn't in touch with reality, but there was a moment of clarity when she just wanted to get out of Baxter". Civil libertarians blame "secrecy" for detainee mistake

anna"The conservative government in Australia continue to prevent journalists from covering the situation of refugees held in camps on Australian territory". Media access to asylum seekers is "strictly regulated and the immigration ministry did everything possible to discourage journalists from investigating this issue". [Reporters Without Borders]

DNA samples Renewed calls for national DNA database: "Big Brother?".

READ MORE/Discuss on Perth Indymedia...

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